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Mohamed Afifi is an Egyptian businessman born in Cairo, recently decided shifting his career from chemicals manufacturing into the music industry using his nickname "Moudy " along with his family name "Afifi" as his brand name for all his music productions.

Moudy took the scenic route to his now-burgeoning music career. Ten years ago he moved into his family’s business after completing his service in the Egyptian Armed Forces. A talented entrepreneur, he nonetheless decided to switch up his career path after teaching himself the fundamentals of music production online. Moudy’s business career was fated to take a back seat when one of his early remixes was picked up by a Russian label.

Encouraged by this success, Moudy decided to invest his time in studying at one of the best electronic music schools in London, just to make sure that he is well equipped to compete in the highly volatile music industry.

Sound Engineering, Singing/Songwriting & Djing are among a broad set of skills that were nurtured and refined by Moudy during his completion of the masters diploma in London.

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